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HOME INTERNET INSTALLERS OR CONNECTIVITY We are installers of home Internet connections for residents in Johannesburg and Gauteng Are you looking at extending or getting Internet ports in your house, At 1000 mbps speeds we throttle your wired home Internet connections to get the best out of your fiber Internet connections, wireless installations mostly run at slow speeds of 300mbps why not upgrade to wired Internet connectivity today. Call us for you home internet solutions Wired internet services Home internet wired systems, wired internet ports or extensions Ethernet re-cabling ISP installations clearing network connectivity issues DLNA server creations WIFI CONNETIONS  / INSTALLERS Do you want to get WIFI installed in your house and wonder on where to get the best technicians in the internet field. our wifi services Wifi extensions Wifi installations wifi security wifi broadcasting signal strength Internet connectivity We support most various subscriptions of Internet connectivity in south Africa by most Internet subscription providers ( ISP )
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VSAT lubsat installs very small aperture terminal system known as ( Vsat), broad band to remote areas around south Africa without INTERNET access. HOME INTERNET home Internet infrastructure and data cabling done for home systems including WiFi , commercial Internet for offices or large organization with large networking infrastructure