INSTALLERS OF COMMUNAL AND DSTV TRIPLE VIEW We are specialists in Communal  dish, installation, Triple view and Dstv Fiber dish systems. We install dstv fiber optic distribution cable systems in all complexes and dstv uni-cable upgrades. Commercial dstv systems installations for hotels and guest houses We own / use the domains
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Dstv installers in Johannesburg and sandton. We provide quality dstv installation solutions, Dish Satellite TV installations. We specialize in large Communal and residential Dstv,

Highly professional DSTV installation services and provide dstv over fiber optics cabling and installation.

Dstv Installers and installations of all dstv distribution systems, central dish systems, home or commercial dstv installation services, Dvb- T modulations, RF Engineering and all

major satellite tv installations in Johannesburg

We further provide security solutions for commercial and normal house holds in Gauteng. DSTV installers in sandton serving over 4000 residential houses in the Johannesburg area. we are ellies accredited installers in Johannesburg. We cater for all installations of communal systems and hotel commercial distributions in South Africa.   Installers of Paradox and ids alarm systems in south Africa. We offer technical support for paradox and IDS alarm systems in Africa We are major installers of security or CCTV systems to all residential and commercial premises, At Lubsat technologies we provide the best installation any client would be looking for, why not try us today
Commercial dstv services  provided Smart village dstv Communal dstv and dish installation Communal dstv dish upgrades Fiber optic dstv installations SMATV installations Dstv commercial upgrading Unicable distribution systems Re cabling Grade A coaxial cabling IF Channel distribution and Modulations
Having problems with your dstv / communal dish ? Dstv communal dish systems upgrades, If your dstv systems are down or low , call us to upgrade your existing communal dstv system to fiber or four cable amplified systems. Our lines are open for assistance to our premium members Call us today if you need assistance with your satellite TV installation.
DSTV  INSTALLATIONS Dstv installation home solutions, why not contact us We sell and distribute all items related to satellite TV and digital frequency distributions. Are you looking for accredited  installers in your area, call us and we shall find you our closest technical installers near you Today COMMUNAL  DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS We are specialists in Communal dstv installations, Triple view and Dstv Fiber dish systems. Lubsat designs and installs large satellite frequency distribution dish networks in Africa, Commercial dstv We install dstv fiber optic distribution cable systems in all complexes and dstv uni-cable upgrades. PARADOX | IDS ALARM INSTALLERS We specialize in installing Paradox and IDS Alarm  systems. for all home alarm security services. we provide commercial and home Alarm installations. Lubsat provides the best quality and affordable alarm systems. We are accredited with IDS ALARM and Paradox Systems of Canada. We sale and distribute Alarm components , Panels , Alarm sensors and so much more
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DSTV SERVICES Services   ranging   from   residential house   hold      to   commercial   dstv installations.   We   cater   for   house alarms,   dstv   cable   installations   in Johannesburg,     We     service     a radius of 20 km from Sandton . Our major services include ; DSTV installations ALARM security Satellite equipment sales INTERNET networking DATA cabling HDMI distributions OVHD installations and STARSAT  TV Smart village services Audio & Visual Setting Fiber optic cabling  Communal dishes Dstv commercial installations


Lubsat   ensures   quality   satellite   Installations   and   equipment,   We   install   Dstv, Deukom,   Starsat,   Ovhd,   and   VSAT   networking   systems.   We   are   industry certified   and   committed   to   keeping   up   with   the   latest   technology   advances in   the   field.   We   ensure   quality   by   using   ICASA   certified   products.   We   offer 100   %   quality   and   guarantee   on   all   of   our   Dstv   Installations   and   products sold, or money back T&C We    supply    satellite    Equipment,    distribution    systems,    FTA    Decoders, Switches,   Signal   meters   and   many   more   Dstv   installation   kits.   Installing dstv since 2008, call us today or find out more at dstv Agency near you. Ons   doen   kwaliteit   installasies   regoor      johannesburg   100   %   kwaliteit installasies   gewaarborg   .   Professionele   installasies   met   ervaring   oor bate jare ! .
CCTV CAMERA / ALARMS Our CCTV installers will advise you and give the best CCTV installation design that is affordable and essential according to clients wishes. We stock all CCTV equipment and  components like, IP cameras , DVR . cables ,dome and bullets out door cameras. CCTV Brands include  Sony cameras, Suneyes, Vivotek, HIK vision Bosch. PTZ IR cameras We do installations for Digital / Analogue CCTV camera systems, off-site and on-site surveillance monitoring. IP camera networking HD and CCTV camera systems. Android phone monitor setups are all done by our professionals DSTV INSTALLERS - TECHNICIANS Find Dstv installers -Technicians here for other major Pay TV , including OVHD, STARSAT, DEUKOM , ZUKU TV, AZAM TV, APPLE TV, FREE to air decoders. Our services include a few but to mention extra view, Explora and Triple view, Digital TV, Dish maintenance, smart village systems, communal dish , Television aerial and antenna setup installations ALARM and CCTV  installations. 
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Lubsat installers of satellite and Video distribution Equipment Systems    
DSTV INSTALLATIONS - LIST   Are you looking for the right dstv installation company in Johannesburg, Lubsat ensures quality and guaranteed installations done by our professional dstv installers in Johannesburg and surrounding areas. We have been in the TV installations industry for so long, We ensure that all our installations carry a guarantee and we follow the multichoice installation standard guides. Dstv Feed : 01 / DEC / 2017 Dstv introduces the new decoder 4s small . has no Rf port, and requires more advanced technical installation,  high end device user friendly and expensive on dual view installation.  INSTALLING DSTV TRIPLE VIEW - EXTRA VIEW We are proud installers of Dstv triple view systems, communal dish and service all technical queries on the dstv platform. find more information about DSTV triple view here We build multi dwelling (MUD) TV installation plans and (SMATV) for large estates, over fiber or coaxial distribution system, We offer free installation plans and quotes once we are contracted for dstv Communal dish installations
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Find dstv installers here if you reside in; Rosebank, Sandton, Randburg, Midrand, Parkwood, Woodmead Alberton, Bryanston, East Rand, Kyalami, ferndale, Houghton Glen, Rosebank, Capetown, Bryanston, Parktown, linksfield Kensington, Edenvale, Helderkruin, Northcliff, Bassonia, Buccleuch Parktown, Orange groove, Woodmead, Norwood, Parkhurst Midrand, Halfway, Boksburg, Alberton, Houghton, Bassonia. Sandton Parkhurst, Houghton, Melville, Florida, The glen, Rosemead   We are dstv installers in Johannesburg if your area is not listed call in to ask about our availability in your area updated 28/ DEC/ 2016, or click on this to find  Dstv installers agency