Rain internet installations for 5G network, 5g cell network is the latest and fastest wireless network 2 times better than ADSL,  With speeds up to 200 – 400Mbps offered by rain, and Mtn so far, We install 5G devices and provide additional networking for commercial and residential services,  Need out door rain data device internet installations or networking. RAIN-5G-LOGOWe are here to assist with finding the best positioning and reliable installation for the best 5G internet reception in Sandton, Johannesburg and Pretoria

Rain 5G internet package prices updated with two new cheaper subscriptions at greater speeds
  • Unlimited home premium 5G premium, R 999 speeds up to 300 Mbps,  *uncapped*
  • Unlimited home 5G standard R 699, speeds up to 50 Mbps  *uncapped* 
  • Unlimited home 5G Basic R 499, speeds up to 25 Mbps  *uncapped*

Rain 4G internet packages prices and subscription fees

  • Unlimited 4G internet for any device R 479, Speeds up to 10 Mbps
  • Unlimited 4G for phones only, R 299
  • 19 hours unlimited off peak for any device, R 250
Rain installation services
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Need you router installed out side of the house for better signal and speeds ?
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5G Speeds
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5G network is here and it’s growing. Get ready for fast wireless internet when in the 5G zones .

Rain has enrolled out one of the fastest wireless networks running at speeds better than traditional Adsl or LTE- A, speeds range to 200 mbps + and we are here to ensure that our clients receive high speed 5g speeds to their full capacity.

5g internet installations in the sandton and Johannesburg plus Pretoria cbd can expect more high speeds than the outer suburbs but still rain is working out on enrolling more 5G masts as its network coverage gets wider in the future, HUAWEI-LOGO

Capetown and Durban have already got coverage this shows just how we can all expect future internet fast wireless speeds. 

Whether you’re on Pay Monthly, SIM Only or Pay As You Go, all our SIMs are 5G Ready – at no extra cost.   

Download movies on the move. Stream and share on the bus, the train, and down the park , Hold internet video calls at the same time while streaming movies in 4k, no problem 5g is here for all that.

Rain has partnered with Huawei to bring this top speeds to the Southafrican community,  we shall be updating our clients on other service provides that can avail to us 5G internet in our updates 

5G installation Picture gallery | Rain 5g forums | FAQs

So you have received your Rain 5g Router and you need a technician to assist you, here are the services you can expect from us. 

Rain installation services


Our services will include:

  • Router setup and installation to the Rain 5g network, or your own ISP internet provider.
  • Setting up wireless home network installation with 5G speeds over gigabit Access point  devices
  • Rain 5G out door router mounting , pole positioning or just mounting as required by the customer, but we look for the most suitable place offering high speeds..
  • Cat 6e installations and home networking for 5G network
  • Home and business wired and wireless home installation services.
  • clearing page cannot be reached issues when trying to access the 5G rain router,
  • setting up a home or business internet ready premises
  • 5g installations to speeds up to 400 Mbp, Depending to you home location and network coverage
Why should you contact us, we have been in the internet installation structures for a long period and have gained trust from our partner construction agencies, We are simply IT engineers, proudly powered Huawei, Tp link, Ubiquitti and mikrotic
What you need to know about huawei 5g Routers

The outdoor unit of Huawei’s 5G CPE 2.0 enables it to provide stronger signals. The CPE 2.0’s high signal strength and computing power allows it to provide data speeds higher than 3.5 Gbit/s, which is dozens of times higher than current home broadband speeds.

Huawei’s 5G CPE 2.0 is also fully compatible with 4G networks and frequency bands. This allows it to simply and seamlessly replace 4G outdoor CPEs in an extremely simplified manner, with no user installation and maintenance.

Huawei’s CPE 2.0 was designed with simplified installation and optimal experience in mind. It supports all mainstream 5G frequency bands and meets the requirements for large-scale commercial use of 5G. The CPE 2.0 promotes 5G development and marks a new milestone in the search for ever better means of communication.

What should i consider before ordering for my rain Subscription and internet installation for my home or business ?


Rain 5G installations

Out door pole mounting Planning designing and high speed spectrum detection for 5g networks system raing 5g installers

 NEED HELP   fill in the contact me form, We offer free quotations on all our installations.


5g installations carry a workmanship guarantee, We provide top notch precision installations and leave no room for Errors. All installation systems are fully warrantied, upon clients requests.

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5g installations carry a workmanship guarantee, We provide top notch precision installations and leave no room for Errors. All installation systems are fully warrantied, upon clients requests.


5G installation Videos
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5G installations in Sandton , Midrand, pretoria and in Johannesburg as along as there is coverage


In order to get your rain router installed out doors, we need to consider if you have another router or an installation already that will distribute the network inside the house .

Once the router is installed outside, cable runs to another network device , this could be an internet switch, Mesh system, or Access point , or router.

Cost of installation defers, on how your network set up is going to be,  A single point network cannot be quoted the same as a 5 point network with access points

Rain has  different pacjkages on the 5g network.

  1. R 999 for unlimted plus speed of over 200 mbps monthly.
  2. 699 for unlimted  plus speeds of less than 35 mbps
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