Dstv Commercial Hotel installations and communal dstv installers in South Africa Lubsat technologies installs all commercial dstv installations for hotels, guest houses and large DSTV or TV distribution networks for  large settlement or gated community. Commercial installations are basically done for dstv commercial subscribers mostly. We are proud to be major installers of all types of dstv commercial hotel installations in South Africa. Lubsat technologies caters for all video distributions for small guest houses, gated community to large hotel TV systems. What you need to know about commercial Hotel dstv installations. commercial installation normally vary from the kind of architecture and the number of TV channels to be distributed on the hotel TV network to be installed. We cover all hotel TV distribution systems from MATV, HD, DIGITAL, SMATV, IF, AND RF systems We are installers of commercial dstv systems and satellite Head end distribution systems


We are installers of all dstv Commercial TV systems and designers or large TV distribution networks in Johannesburg - South Africa. Commercial dstv hotel installation Plans and upgrades hotel networks. guest house dstv installations

communal dish installation

smart communal

Hotel dstv installations

dstv hotel and Lodge installation enable the sytem to all be put in one central point. at times even carry other hotels service like news, camers, guests info.


Commercial installation  types - One cable hotel systems - distributions
We offer various types of installation types namely;

Dstv Video distribution via fiber optics,
Installation done with one central TV system and distribution done to over 500
apartments. system can serve over to 3km from the central l point without picture
degradation, maximum signal loss at only 4 decibels over 10 km.

Dstv Video frequency RF distribution system over Coax Installations done for hotel dstv systems , can serve an area of 1 km in radius .mostly used on large hotel and small dstv distributions or single buildings with many apartments but would like to watch the same channels .

Digital Video Distribution ( DVB-T ) This commercial dstv installation is installed and picture distributed in High definition to all the Rooms in the hotel, Video on demand can also be added on too the system, for example hotel advertisements. CCTV surveillance , or any other useful video broadcasts by the hotel management

Dstv IF distribution system (SMATV), This installation will include frequencies being sent with or data services sent over the same system. Other services will include cctv , Video, or Dvb over IP . Frequencies are sent over layered network.

HD VIDEO distribution system ( CAT 6 - FIBER OPTICS) This commercial installation is where video is distributed in high quality and all rooms are able to watch tv in high definition, installation consists of fiber and HDMI cabling solutions and High definition equipment, its a first class TV service for hotel clients ever

Why does your hotel or guest house need dstv commercial installation.
1. Its under the laws of dstv Africa that or public institutions subscribe under the commercial package of dstv, therefore its illegal to have a hotel that is not subscribed under the commercial package.

2. Its much easier to have guests change to the many channels on the installed TV network. so guests are not limited to watching one single channel.

3. In terms of administration, it is considered easier as all dstv equipment are centralized to one area, or dstv administration point.

Why should you contact us, we have been in the commercial dstv installation structures for a long period and have gained trust from our partner hotels, guest houses and construction agencies . We are ellies accredited installers and are simply IF engineers, proudly powered by spaun products for commercial dstv installers

All our Commercial installations carry a workmanship guarantee, We provide top notch precision installations and leave no room for  installation Errors. All satellite installation system are fully warrantied, upon requests.


Commercial contractors looking forward to our services can fill in the contact me form, We offer free quotations on large Commercial installations

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Guest house / Hotel Dstv installations
All our guest house installations carry a workmanship guarantee, We provide top notch precision installations and leave no room for installation errors. We are hotel and guest house Dstv systems installers