Satellite distribution systems over fiber optic DSTV installations
We install and design large fiber optic satellite distribution systems in Johannesburg and South Africa, We offer dstv over fiber solutions to multi unit dwelling systems also known as communal dish installations over large areas, With fiber optic installations,
We bring you high quality picture through our digital signal processing engineering


DSTV Fiber source systems, are the recommended design by multichoice Africa for dstv distribution of housing on large or wide premises,
why choose dstv over fiber installation?

• Fiber optic distribution has relatively a very low loss of signal compared to normal coaxial installation over rg6 cabling on long cable runs 1 km

• Fiber optic installations eliminate cable clutter in the system funneling or conduits

•Dstv over fiber is the future for MUD communal dish installations, requires less cabling and sends all quadrants to the dstv decoders , with full signal levels.

•Fiber optic installations are a very reliable source of cabling ,the wear and tare is close to zero, so its a future proof of less system servicing in future

Fiber optic communal dstv installations and designs

There are very many types of installing dstv over fiber optic cabling, We recommend you consult your dstv systems engineer on which installation would be more favourable. Please note that all premises are not the same and may require different fiber optic installation designs.

Fiber optics satellite installations systems may include;

•Fiber cable to Receiver . This includes running the fiber cable to the premises or to the decoder point and then a fiber optical receiver is used to change the signal from light to the normal satellite frequency over coax . here each tenant will have an optical receiver in their house or unit,

  • Fiber to FTU and then multi-switch . here the fiber will run from the optical LNB  to an optical receiver and then down to a commercial multi-switch which splits normal satellite frequencies to the satellite receiving decoders. here the tenant will not need an optical receiver in their apartment or house, they will just plug to the coax.
  • Many ways of fiber installations will depend on how complex and the way the systems owner would like it to be installed, contact us for fiber optic dstv system installation designs.

Why use our dstv fiber installations services ?

We are dstv installers with proven experience and we are dedicated to quality workmanship, we have been contracted by different companies and clients for our services, we have a wide base of references from large companies , which means we meet the right standards,

All our dstv installers are proven and tested to work with different kinds of dstv installations from normal house hold to large commercial dstv distribution systems, including fiber optic dstv systems, SMATV networks, IF engineering.

We use only genuine products designed by the best compaanies  , we use Polytron,  Global invacom, SPAUN germany, Televes Spain products. All our systems are guaranteed, We leave no room for technical errors,
We have the best devices any other typical installers don’t have, We provide precision dstv fiber installations. Why not call us today ?

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We install all dstv over fiber optic in communal dish settings. WE design and install dstv installation systems for large communities


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we offer dstv fiber optic support to dstv installation companies, fiber cleabWe subcontracted to some dstv installation companies for installations of dstv over fibre optics.


FIBRE installations done by the right company , installer All our installations are done according to multichoice regulations and technology base on sky TV united kingdom

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