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Installing rain 5G and having issues with signal in the Johannesburg Area,

Rain 5g installations are expected to be running at 400 mbps, but most of us forget the down link is lower because we are testing over wifi and the router is on top of our houses, others use speed test applications or sites that download from different servers , we cant expect all downlinks to be the same on the network, for example a downlink check from a cell c server will not be the same as that from liquid telecom servers or bitco servers.

I really advise running your devices from your wifi in the house setup over gigabit routers, Many will testify here in the forum that there network speed went up,

When installation is done its better to look into the huawei routers webconfig page and look at the 5g antenna db meter,

Any one having any problems with installing rain 5g outdoor router

Where can i find Rain 5g installers in Johannesburg who can asssit me with installation,

Hi has any one had there 5G rain installation done successfully , please share there numbers here to help other new subscribers



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