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Deukom installation services Johannesburg and Pretoria. The new Satellio need high signals on the Astra 4 satellite. Deukom installation is to be done by a highly trained deukom technician. We recommend Lubsat technologies they offer technical support and installations in Sandton and all major Johannesburg centers
Installateur der Deutschen Fernseh und Radio programme im Südlichen Afrika

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Installers of Deukom satellio systems in johanneburg

We are reliable installers of the Germany TV systems and quality guaranteed with us. Lubsat will do quality installation of your DEUKOM Decoder at your premises. Installation is done with a 90 cm dish. once installation is completed. We help our customers to better understand how to use the new decoder.Arrange with us for installation once decoder has been delivered or when you are planning to get the decoder.
Approved Installers of all Deukom germany tv systems, Why not call us for your DEUKOM decoder installations today ?

Payment | Monthly

Deukom tv is payable on contract terms

  • Minimum contract period: 12 (twelve) months
  • One-time fee: R 199, -
  • Annually: R 6.589, - (equivalent to R 549.08 per month)
  • NO temporary interruption possible.

For more payment options, subscriptions and contract terms visit Deukom

Please note that Deukom frequencies have moved from the is20 satellite. To Astra 4. An existing dstv dish installation will not work. Deukom has partnered with satellio to give users a better experience.

Activation | Subscription

After your installation is complete, The Deukom tv decoder is already activated before its sent to the subscriber other wise if there are any faults, We advise you to call Deukom offices on the number listed at the footer of page. please note that Activation of decoders can be done only by Deukom Subscriber Agreement

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Deukom TV-Installateure in Johannesburg und technische Kundenbetreuung
Deutschland Fernsehsender

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lubsat technologies installing today Deukom on Astra 4 satellites and on communal dish systems, Quick reliable and guaranteed installations in sandton, johannesburg
Its Germany TV why not get the best Deukom installation that we offer.

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Deukom Forums
DEUKOM INSTALLERS BLOG / FORUMS. Our forum helps to bring all Deukom subscribers to share and view their user experiences click and see what other users have to say about Deukom Tv services and installation problems.
What to expect
What Channels can i expect on my Deukom TV decoder Deukom has over 20 tv channels and over 8 radio stations Check out our DEUKOM TV Channel listing,
Deukom installation
Deukom decoder installed. on astra 4 / ses 5 install your deukom on astra 4 or ses5 , frequency is 12565, 30000 as your symbol rate. lnb low 10600 - 9750 mhz please note frequencies must be right, or try using existing top tv dish if you are in south africa.