Ovhd activation installation and troubleshooting ~ 0110838281

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Having an ovhd decoder , and its giving you problems with activation,

have you used the activation code *120*6843*1# and followed the instructions.

wait for 30 mins, and press the help button on your ovhd remote. check where it say activation status ,

Status should show Active, restart your decoder and that's it you have successfully activated your ovhd decoder

ovhd installers and activations

ovhd activation

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Danny at 3:41 pm

error E200? Can I have a list of the error codes and their explanations please

Sonia "technician" at 7:40 am

Error e200, no secure device, simply means decoder cant read the satellite subscription keys, just re activate your ovhd decoder, and wait, that should fix this error

Zel at 7:54 am

Lost signal. Got error message to do factory reset, which I did. Signal fine, but pvr functionality screwed up. Records, but cannot schedule daily/weekday/weekly recordings anymore. Have reactivated decoder, safely removed usb, etc. Still nothing works. In stead of 1 line in reservations to record 5 episodes (1 a day) you now have to do 5 lines, 1 instruction for each day. Anyone else have a fix for this?

Trevor at 4:45 am

Postal code invalid, what must i do?

Sonia "technician" at 6:40 am

please input your real postal code, or google for the postal code of your area, this will help you activate your decoder

Liezel at 1:16 pm

Error E06?
Help please

Sonia "technician" at 9:01 am

re activate your decoder, press help button an look at the activation status

Mathilda at 12:32 pm

When will i be able to get value for my money???? Bought the decoder an all and yet no connection from ovhd??? Try phoning in put on hold for 23min.. tried whatup.. tried facebook… It been more than 6 weeks and yet no activation from ovhd??? Please contact me 0659809411

Nelda at 1:59 pm

Please help me to activate my decoder. Try several days. Message on tv…nr not correct 319030746569

Lucinda at 7:30 am

I used that ussd thing it doesn’t work why must I install it for a second time the first time s consultant helped me from that side to activate but now it shows again I must activate..

Sonia "technician" at 6:45 am

please cross check what code you used

Govender at 8:05 am

How do i activate my ovhd decoder, ii have tried the ussd , but still i have no channels, i want to watch my soapies, it was all working well but all of a sudden its not showing

harriet at 6:06 am

help i need to activate my ovhd decoder, how do i get this thing activated, ovhd must help us this is not fair


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